Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi day!

Happy Pi day, Dynamos!  It's also Veronica Mars day, Marshmallows!  I will be going to the movies, and eating pie today, how about you?!

The FaveCrafts contest winners were announced, and (thanks to YOU) I won 2nd place!!!  Woo hoo!!! Not only do I win a prize, but you guys are going to win a prize too - they're going to let me host a future giveaway just for you with some awesome swag!  I just saw a picture of what they're going to send, and it's so cool!!! So, keep your eyes peeled for that giveaway coming soon!!!!

In the meantime, if you'd like to make the Quirky Crochet Handbag (the name has grown on me!) HERE is the link to the FREE pattern!!!

And HERE is the link to all of the other projects that were submitted.  I think the baby set that Mary Kathryn designed is so precious!  I want to make one for my niece who's getting baptized next month!

We celebrated my grandma's 93rd birthday last night.  It was so fun getting together with my whole family for dinner!!!
Katy's waving hi!  So is Jake!

Jake has declared this weekend the start of Clean Week 2014, so I'm going to be cleaning, organizing, and finally taking control of my crafty clutter!  Hopefully, my reward will be a new home office/craft room! If I de-stash some yarn, does anyone want it?  Once I know how much there is, I'll put a picture on... It's a mish-mash!  LOL!!!



  1. Wow wonderful, March is a treasure trove of amazing people's birthdays. Wednesday was my Husband's grandmother's 98th birthday and his is two weeks after her's. Congrats on the win, I should have logged onto more computers to vote for you to push you up.

    1. You did enough! It's all good! I lost by almost 150 votes, a few more wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome. I'm thrilled that I placed at all!
      I'm an amazing March birthday girl too!! :D

    2. Congrats on second place!! That's awesome
      Tell Grandma Happy Birthday from us.
      Also, definitely interested in your mishmash.
      God Bless

    3. Hi Wendy! I'm still in the process of getting it all sorted out, but if you still want it, all the good stuff that I'm de-stashing is yours! I've got a big box that I've started saving for you. If you want to email me your address (send it to and I will get it out to you as soon as I fill the box!
      xo! Jaime