Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A New Bag

My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend.  I've been crocheting on a wrap based on THIS wrap, and it's darn near killed me.  I'm, like 8 skeins in, and even though I've only got 2 more to go, I don't want to finish it.  It was fun to begin with, but now it's so boooooooring!!  I made mine in purple, and it's just so PURPLE.  I mean, I dig purple, but it's just so MUCH purple...  I needed a break.

So, I made a bag.  I've been living on Pinterest lately (LOVE IT!  It's online crochet pattern hoarding!) and I saw a pin for THIS photo tute from this cool Finnish site (aren't on Pinterest?  HERE is the link to the site) and I HAD to make one.  Like, right now.  Because I missed COLOR!!!  

It was really fast.  I was able to make mine in one night, but I didn't line it, so I imagine that would have taken longer.  I also made my straps a little different, because I wanted more support (since I didn't line it!) 

It's going to be perfect to carry around my WIP wrap until I get it finished! LOL!  


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  1. Yay for color! Almost everything I make is rainbow because I get so bogged down by mono toned projects. Can't wait to see your wrap, the idea is amazing.