Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Crochet Blog Tour and Giveaway!

**The Giveaway may be over, but I'd still love to hear what your favorite Christmas Crochet projects are!**

I have a confession to make:  I'm a Christmas Craft Procrastinator.  I know, it's sad, but true.  I chronically wait until after Thanksgiving to even start THINKING about Christmas projects. This means that every year I stay up way too late most nights, and still don't get everything finished in time.

Product DetailsBut not this year!  The folks over at Storey Publishing sent me a copy of their new book, Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree by Edie Eckman.  Kids, Christmas is finally coming early for the Dynamite family!!

The first thing I wanted to make was some new stockings for the whole family.  A few years ago tragedy struck and our beautiful, handmade stockings were lost.  That year I just purchased some dollar store cheapies, promising that someday I would make us new stockings.  Four years later, I've finally made good on that promise!

There were so many stocking patterns to choose from (9, plus many variations!) I couldn't choose just one.  Mims got the Mix-and-Match Stocking (in Gryffindor house colors!). I got the Colorful Stripes Stocking. Jake got the Basketweave Stocking, which was my favorite to make out of all of them.  The single color, but great texture, made it really fun to work on, and I didn't dread weaving in ends when I was done!  I think they look so cute hanging from the mantle!

There are so many great decorations in the book!  I'm planning to make some cool crochet trees for the mantle, and there are a whole bunch of felted ornaments that I'm just dying to make with Mims.  There's even a tree-skirt pattern, which I desperately need since I usually just throw one of those fake "snow" blankets around the bottom of the tree and call it good.  

I think my favorite patterns in the book are for the crochet stocking and mitten Advent Garland.  The little stockings and mittens work up so quickly (Oh, how I love simple, well written patterns!).  However, I don't plan to turn them into the cute garland that they show in the book.  I'm planning to use them as gift-card holders!  I'm going to stick a candy cane (or a burt's bees lip balm!) and a gift card in them, which I think will make a great handmade present for Mim's teachers, my teenage cousins, and I'm even making backups for unexpected holiday guests!  

 Isn't the mitten so cute?  I set up our tree just to show you how adorable it is as an ornament!

By the way, seeing the tree up so early this year was shocking to Mims when she got home from school.  "Woah. Um, Mom, you ARE going to put other ornaments on it, right?"  LOL!!!

The little stockings are also super cute!  The purple and white stocking on the left was made with Red Heart Soft, and the Red and White stocking was made with Red Heart Super Saver.  I only mention it because the stocking is MUCH smaller with the Soft, which might, or might not be a good thing.  For a gift card and candy cane, it really doesn't matter, but if you wanted to put something else in there, you might want to use a worsted weight yarn on the larger end of the spectrum.

I think that Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree is a cute little book, full of projects to decorate your home for the holidays.  It's just the right size to travel with you everywhere you go for the next 6 weeks!  Don't Christmas Craft Procrastinate!  Start your Christmas projects now!!!

Okay, so do you want to know the best part?  The amazing folks over at Storey Publishing are letting me give away a copy of Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree!  If you'd like a chance to WIN your very own copy of this awesome crochet book, leave a comment below telling me your favorite projects to crochet at Christmastime along with a contact email address!  The giveaway is open from now until 11:59 pm Sunday, November 16th!  I'll use Random.org to draw a winner on Monday, November 17th!

Psst!  If you'd like more chances to win, check out the other blogs on the book tour!  They're all giving away copies of the book too!!!  There are only a few more days left!

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For even MORE information about Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree, check these out:

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11/17/14 - - The giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who commented!  I LOVED hearing about all your Christmas projects!!!

I used Random.org to pick a winner:

Congratulations to ajz!  I'll be sending you an email very soon!  



  1. Lovely Blog! I Would love a copy of the book!! I love Christmas and Christmas Crochet!
    I have to say, I am a Christmas Craft Procrastinator as well :) This year I am working on some ornaments and tags for our Christmas Tree.

    You can send me a message and follow my little shop at

    Mun and Me Crochet

  2. Tiny thread crochet 'sock monkeys' are so much fun to make and loved by kids from 1-93��. Great review- it looks like your book will be timely and a great help.

  3. I love to make mini ornaments. adjz@sbcglobal.net

  4. I love to crochet ornaments. I gave each of my 4 grandsons a handmade ornament every year. When they left home they each had a set of ornaments and now I get to continue this tradition with my new great grandson.

  5. I forgot to give you my contact information:

  6. I love popcorn crochet garland. It's fun and quick to do.

  7. I have so many favorites. I often make cowls and hats for my many sisters, but I also crochet holiday items too. This year, a nativity set for my kids.

    Sarah.m.lawson at gmail dot com

  8. I love to make ami-style ornaments ~ snowmen, gingerbread men, etc.

  9. Oh I so want that book!
    This year I started crocheting for christmas early because I am planning to send crocheted snowflakes with every card. But after that I started playing around and my two favorites, so far, is a hat for myself that looks like a big santahat and a trio of santas in difeerent colours. I love them and already have idea´s of new colours that I "need" to make them in!

  10. I want to crochet the stockings and mittens for my fireplace!

  11. I love gingerbread christmas-y projects. Men, women, kids, houses. Love it all. donna@mail2pop.com

  12. I like to make scarves for Christmas.

  13. I make a ton of scarves, but this year I plan on cranking out a ton of thread snowflakes. Insanity awaits! Contact at fishdiva@comcast.net

  14. Last year couldn't finish my Christmas project this year I started on January. Almost done this all the gifts and ornaments. ����

  15. Always hats Big ones for the Vets Little ones for my grandkids. Ha great Christmas and stay in touch Andrea in Tennessee

  16. I make hats and scarves for the most part, a few times, cowls and mittens. rav id: yollma

  17. I love to crochet snowflakes and ornaments

  18. Gifts to keep warm... skiing and snowshoeing after presents in new hats

  19. I love to crochet the nice warm hats to wear and gift this time of year, we always have a big New Years Eve Party and living here in the country have a huge bonfire and they just make bright nice warm gifts and its cool to photograph friends in something I made while enjoying themselves!

  20. I love to crochet ornaments and children's toys at the holidays.

  21. Cowls and scarves for family, snowflakes for everyone! Snowflakes are such a hit I'm hoping to add them to my cards this year. Thanks for being a part of the blog tour, it's great to find new blogs in the crochet world!

  22. I love crocheting snuggly scarves- though I've wanted to make little mitts and stockings for a while now- just never had the time.

  23. I love making ornaments


  24. i am pretty new to crocheting! all us kids could make the longest single chain! many years ago, i made 2 hats, one was bad but the second one was ok i guess! so i really want to learn and make for now hats and scarfs! :) thanks for the chance!!

  25. Still at beginner level. I make scarves. Lots and lots of scarves.

  26. Hats. Everyone needs hats at Christmas time!! Thanks for the giveaway!
    abnormallynormallife (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. I have a lot of people to make gifts for - I love those little stockings!

  28. Love making up little snowflakes
    rthnnsnchz (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. The giveaway is over, but comments are always welcome!!!
    xoxo! Jaime

  30. I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. ...

  31. This book is loaded with beautiful patterns! I LOVE it! I am starting on next Christmas now. Thank you for the beautiful designs.

  32. I've been wanting to learn how to crochet. Your blog just inspires me more. Thanks!

  33. This book is Filled with beautiful patterns! I LOVE it!