Monday, July 14, 2014

Can't Win 'Em All...

So, in an effort to save some cash and get a little healthier, Jake and I have switched to only drinking water at home.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but for us, it's huge.  I am an iced tea-aholic (note: this does not mean Long Island Iced Tea, or Sweet Tea.  I'm talkin' plain ol' Lipton here.).  And I'm a LAZY iced tea-aholic, which meant that my morning didn't start until I was paying for my iced tea through a drive-thru window.  Being the kind and generous wife that I am, this also included a tea for Jake.  In our neck of the wood, this translates to $5 a day, or $150+ a month, on iced tea.  When we finally sat down and did the math, we were horrified (although the iced tea was our compromise after we did the Starbucks math a year ago...).  So now we've switched to plain water, and we're pretty happy with our choice (especially now that our caffeine withdrawal headaches have gone away).  Plus, the money we've saved has paid for Mims to go to swim lessons all summer!  Score!

Now that we're water drinkers, we are completely obsessed with our Nalgene water bottles. I've become such a water bottle snob.  It's hilarious, and completely ridiculous.  I love my water bottle so much, I don't go anywhere without it.  It's got a wide mouth top so I can add ice easily, so, of course, I ONLY drink ice water.  I know, I'm a nut.

However, I'm completely annoyed at the condensation that accumulates outside the bottle because of my ice obsession.  I constantly have a damp ring on my jeans from resting my bottle on my leg, and the front of my shirt is damp because of the bottle dripping condensation as I take a drink.  Annoying!

"Hold on a minute!" I thought to myself the other day, "I can crochet myself a solution to this minor, but immensely irritating problem!"  So I crocheted a sleeve for my beloved water bottle.  It was shimmery and gray and beautiful.  I slid it on the bottle, and it was perfection!  It absorbed the excess moisture.  My bottle looked so pretty!  I was a happy, happy girl!

...until I tried to drink out of my covered bottle.  The crochet stretched (as it is known to do!) and the cover started to slide around the bottle.  The dampness of the yarn made the bottle so slippery I wasn't able to maintain a solid grip around it, so as I took my sip, I suddenly discovered that I had 32 icy ounces of water rushing towards my face in an uncontrollable waterfall.  I doused myself, and half of our new couch.  Crochet fail!!!

So you will not be getting a pattern for a gorgeous one liter water bottle cover from me.

You're welcome.



  1. What a shame the crochet cover didn't work!!! It sure did look pretty!!! Amazing what little things like that can add up to, isn't it!!!!! Have a fab day!!!
    AMarie xxx

  2. Aww, what a shame. It is horrible when your genius idea and hard crafting goes rather spectacularly wonky. I suffer this indignity often. It is heartening to read a blog post which admits to the odd fail too.

  3. Your story gave me a good laugh. I think we have all had a "good idea" blow up in our faces at least once in our lives. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. After I got through laughing I realized how much I loved your thinking. A true crafter you knew there was a simple solution. Even though that didn't work out, what about a sewn pouch? I probably wouldn't stretch.

  5. I have two words for you, my friend. Kitchen Cotton! It won't stretch out like regular (?) yarn will. ;-)

  6. Have you tried Contigo? You can even use the ones meant for coffee,they are stainless steel and really hold the cold as well as hot and they don't sweat. Oh and you may know me by my other name Sockmad.

  7. Your story made my smile!

  8. I was wondering if using some finger loops in the pattern might remedy that could hide them with the tie loops so no one would think or notice it...just a suggestion. it could be use just to hide your bottles and make them look pretty when not in use.

  9. You are absolutely right; we can't win them all, but the experiences and lessons amazon product description writers learn from the losses often shape us the most. Here you have to face both victories and challenges in life.


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