Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Came From Beneath the Sea...

I like library sales.  I like them because I can get really cheap books and vhs tapes (yes, we still use vhs tapes, especially because Mims can put them in herself, and we have players in most of our old, outdated, vintage tv sets).  I love craft books from the 60's and 70's, and I have found a few gems for the collection at library sales.

I have lately been on the lookout for vhs tapes with super hard, 'video-rental'-type cases.  I wanted to make a hard sided tool case for holding pointy scissors, and sharp needles, since I'm finding that since I started this blog, I have been carrying my crochet with me everywhere! In fact, the other day I almost sheared through the side of the nylon Work-In-Progress bag with my little scissors, which made me think that enough is enough.  Time to bite the bullet and make a case for my dangerous work implements.

My intention was to make a crochet lining, with a flap for holding my crochet hooks, but I was so inspired by the movie that had been inside this case, that I opted to go for something a little more fun.

The large tentacle is open on the bottom, so that I can use it for hook storage if I need to.  The smaller tentacles could hold yarn needles, if I need them to.  Once the tentacles fold inside the case, there isn't a whole lot of room for much more than a hook, a yarn needle and a pair of scissors.  Ah, but it's worth it for the tentacled fun in public...

Besides, if I want to make a case to hold the rest of my supplies, I'll use one of the other awesome cases I found...  I'm always up for some Sesame Street fun!



  1. You have won the admiration of a non-crocheter -- DTF, who is the biggest fan in the universe of retro horror and sci-fi movies, thinks your tentacly goodness is AWESOME!! He loves it! (And he owns the movie...on DVD. Sniff. No box for me.) He's hard to impress, so congratulations!!! He also thinks it's brilliant to repurpose those cases. You are the BOMB! (Is that still a compliment? I can't keep up with slang these days.)

    1. Sounds like DTF has impeccable taste in movies and art! LOL, I am totally bomb. Thank you for noticing.
      xo Jaime

  2. So...I have this habit of assigning certain stories to everyone I know so that when I am talking about them to a third party I can relate said story as representative of the person I'm describing. Kind of a story resume. (Does that make *any* sense? It sounded better in my head.) ANYWAY, I was at dinner with a dear buddy o' mine and I was telling her about you even though she doesn't crochet, because she's a super crunchy-granola brilliantly funny repurposeful hip chick like you. As my shorthand resume for you, I told her about this project. We now have to get together for margaritas because you two together would make me laugh so hard refried beans would come out my nose. I can't wait!

  3. this is so much fun I'm so impressed by your creativity love love love it AGAIN!


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