Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Stripes...

I was working on this striped bag, thinking that it would be perfect for pretty much everything I want to do this summer.  It's completely made of cotton, and it's not so big that I feel like I'm going to give myself back problems if a quick trip to Target ends up in a crazy adventure at Disneyland, or the beach, or detours into a fishing trip.
It measures 14" across, 8" high, and 5" deep.  The strap drop is 14".

I was almost done with it, and then I sold it.  Crazy!  My sister was watching me finish up the strap and then offered me designer-purse money for it.  She could buy Coach for the price she offered me.  She is a handbag snob.  That was when I knew that I should write it up as a pattern.  The purse is really that cute.

Hmm... Guess I'm going to have to make another one for my summer adventures... LOL!!!!

(Do you need one for your summer adventures?  The pattern is available on Craftsy and Ravelry, for the bargain price of a single buck.  Designer bags have never been more affordable!)

I wanted to throw in a little cute bonus for her, so I made a matching case for her sunglasses and iPhone.
I thought you might enjoy the bonus too! Here's the pattern:

Summer Stripes Cell Phone/Sunglasses Case
Finished measurements: 6.75" x 4.5"


100% Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn, approx. 40 yards (I used Bernat Handicrafter 100% Cotton yarn in Strawberry and Mango) or any other worsted weight yarn
Size G crochet hook
Yarn needle
Sewing needle

Main Case:
Stripes are created by changing color every two rows.  This gives a bolder stripe, and it allows you to work continuously without having to cut your yarn when you switch color.  You can just carry the yarn up the side of the work as you go.  You will only have to weave in four ends on the main piece if you use two colors.
Or, alternately, you can make the case from a single color.

ch 16
R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch sp across, ch 1, turn (15 st)
R2-49: sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (15 st)
R50: sc in each sc across.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Front Pocket:
Continue in stripe pattern, beginning with the color that you started the main case with.

ch 16
R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch sp across, ch 1, turn (15 st)
R2-19: sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (15 st)
R20: sc in each sc across.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Sew the stitch loops of  R20 of the Front pocket to R14 of the Main Case piece, matching the stripes.

Single crochet both sides of the case closed, using one stitch per each row, going through all three layers when  necessary.   Fasten off.  Weave in ends.  Enjoy your new double pocketed case!!

You could even use it to hold two pairs of sunglasses!

*ed. side note:  In an effort to show you how useful the Cell Phone/Sunglasses Case is, I have shown it with my sunglasses and phone sticking out of it.  In reality, the sunglasses and phone tuck neatly inside the case, so they won't get scratched and beat up while they're being carried around.  I just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering why you would only want to protect ONE of the lenses of your pricey sunglasses... ;D



  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I sometimes do not comment, but I do read your posts. Stay cool!

    1. Hi Charlotte! You just made my day! Have a wonderful weekend!
      xo Jaime

  2. I LOVE the colors! Your doing amazing!

    1. Thanks doll, you're doing amazing too!
      xo Jaime

  3. very cute and simple too. i was wondering if it would be okay to sell completed items of the sunglasses/phone case?

    1. Hi Liz! Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! Of course you can sell completed items!

      If you're planning to sell them online, would you mind emailing me a link? I get requests all the time for finished products, and I just don't have the time to do it myself. It would be nice to be able to have a link to send them to. Shoot, even if it's for a craft fair, I'd be happy to send Dynamos your way...

      my email is
      xo Jaime

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