Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cloud Atlas and an open letter to Kym Barrett

This weekend was LOOOOOONG.  We were pretty much tied to the house, which meant that I got quite a bit of crocheting done, and Mims and Jake went stir-crazy.  As a family that usually crams as much activity as humanly possible into our weekends, it was pretty rough.  But my grandma got up and walked twice yesterday, so maybe this won't be for too much longer.

My parents came by on Sunday and watched both of my 'girls' so that Jake and I could go see Cloud Atlas.  I wasn't interested in seeing it (3 hours of weird make-up, and like 6 different story lines...) until Jake showed me this picture:

...and then I had to see it, because I had to get a better look at that crochet hooded poncho.  And it was spectacular, as was everything else in the village.  It was a fiber artist's dream!  I actually went home and tried to find out who the crochet (and knit, part of it was knit too) artist was that had done all of the work for the nomadic tribe in that section of the movie.  After a tremendous amount of google searching (lol, Eliz!) I discovered an article that briefly mentioned that Kym Barrett (who also worked with the Wachowskis on The Matrix) had trolled the internet chat boards to find crochet and macrame artists to make the pieces.  Holy cats! How amazing is that?! Excuse me for a mome, I've got to go write a letter...

Dear Ms. Barrett,
Please let me crochet for your next film project.
Thank you,
Jaime Crochet Dynamite Maraia

(You can read the whole article HERE if you're interested, but it's mostly about a costume exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Interesting!)

I enjoyed the movie, but I'm hesitant to say whether you'll enjoy the movie as well.  It was challenging to suspend my disbelief, and Jake and I whispered through the whole thing as we attempted to recognize the actors in their various incarnations (sorry, fellow moviegoers.  At least we weren't the ones with the yelling toddler...)  It was a beautiful message, told in a strange (and strangely beautiful) way.  And it had a LOT of really beautiful crochet...



  1. Do you think that anyone will ever publish the pattern? My 20 year old grandson loves it.

  2. It’s about to have been 7 years and I still don’t have this poncho �� every search result is from 7 years ago ��

    1. might help you


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