Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's about time!

So, I was on Facebook this morning (are we friends yet on Facebook? I'm Jaime Maraia on FB and you can also like the Crochet Dynamite page. Come find me!!!) where I saw the most amazing clock linked by KasalaInk, Ladyink Lankasirkus, Maarit Österman...

It's a knitting clock!!!  It knits as it goes around and after a year you have a scarf!  

Holy Schmow!!!  My clocks are seriously lazy.  They have never given me a gift beyond making sure that I am awoken in the morning by the most annoying noise in the world...

You can read a whole article about this clock HERE.  It's worth checking out just for the awesome pictures!!!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jaime. Hope your Grams is doing better too. Blessings to you and your's.

    1. Thanks Piper! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! My Grams seems to have perked up for the party today, so it was a very good day! She's got some more tests tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to figure out why she's feeling so poorly pretty soon.
      xo ♥Jaime♥

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