Friday, December 21, 2012

A Gift of Love

You guys have heard me talk about the awesome work that my friend Kristy does with homeless/motel family outreach, and you know that I collect crochet donations for her program.  Well, she came by the other day to pick up several boxes of donations (once again, THANK YOU!  She is always so grateful and amazed at the love and compassion and generosity that you've shared with us this year!) and mentioned that there just weren't enough masculine items to keep up with the amount of men that needed assistance.  She wondered if there was a very simple, very plain, very basic scarf that could be made in 'boy' colors so that she would have something to offer to them.

Of course I can do that!  I made a bunch for her, and (if you're interested) you can too!

Super Simple Men's Scarf
approximately 4" x 50"
Super bulky weight yarn - approximately 80 yards (I used Lion Brand Hometown USA 100% acrylic super bulky weight yarn)
Size N crochet hook
Yarn needle

ch 10
R1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in each ch across (8 st)
R2-54? (just go to the end of the skein!): ch 2 (counts as first st), skip 1 st,  dc in each st across (8 st)
Fasten off.  Weave in ends. Mail it to me at:

Jaime Maraia
13210 Harbor Blvd. #371
Garden Grove, CA 92843

...that last part was completely optional! LOL!!

You can also make the scarf with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn:

While Kristy was here we got to talking about the other things that she was trying to get donations for too.  Toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, coats, hats, sleeping bags, and my personal favorite, hand warmers!  Did you know that you can pick up a box of 40 pairs of hand warmers (80 total warmers!) for less than $20?!  Each warmer provides 7 hours of warmth in a sleeping bag, and that might mean the difference between a miserable night, and a good one.  It was too awesome, I had to get her a box!

If you're interested, THESE hand warmers at are cheap and can make a real difference in someone's life.  You can send them to me at the address above, or you can even have them sent to the Westminster, CA store!  Free shipping for you, and she'll be so happy to pick them up! You can ship them in care of Kristy Belton Bleau (you can leave a comment or shoot me an email so I can let her know to look for them!).

I hope I tell you all enough just how much your support and love means to me.  I am so grateful for all of you lovely people who have become more than mere readers or followers, but true friends.  I am sitting here getting all nostalgic and sappy (as this time of year tends to encourage), and just felt like I needed to say it.  You are special, kind, wonderful, beautiful and perfect just exactly the way that you are.  And I love you!

Yes, even you.


Oooh!  Today is your last chance to enter my Facebook contest to win a Princess Leia Headphone Beanie (just the beanie and headphones, not the iPod)!

Go HERE to enter! (It's super easy, 'Like' Crochet Dynamite and leave a 2 word comment on the picture!) I'll be using to pick a winner tomorrow at noon PST!  Spread the word to your sci-fi-lovin' friends, it'll bring you good luck! ;D
Update 12/23/12: Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  The giveaway is now closed and a winner has been chosen. If you'd like to get blog updates, random pictures, and chat directly with me, join me on Facebook by clicking the LIKE button over in the right hand side bar.  xo Jaime


  1. And YOU are awesome for bringing the givers and the receivers together -- that's an extremely important part of the charity/donating/helping equation. Good on YOU!

  2. shoot I dont have facebook :(

  3. You are amazing Jaime and I love you for everything you are doing for me!!! :) I couldn't do it without it!

  4. That is so nice to think of the boys as well. I always wonder what patterns would be useful and practical to the males of our species (sometimes they seem so alien to me). Your simple scarves are perfect. And I giggle every time I see you wearing the Princess Leia earmuffs and sunglasses because I try to picture her wearing sunglasses and it's funny. :) Happiest of holidays to you and yours my friend! I hope to catch up better after all the craziness of the season dies down.

  5. Yes, I totally agree how awesome you are for doing this. God bless you!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! This really is a community effort, and I'm just glad I can help. I'm amazed at how lovely and generous people are.
      xo Jaime

  6. Still taking Donations for these? Such a quick thing and I'm always looking for mind numbing crochet projects!

    I would LOVE to send some for such a good cause.


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