Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Clock Cover needs Work...

I thought it would be fun to crochet a cover for my plain, cheap, boring clock.  And it was fun, until I decided that I wanted to put a red stripe in the cover where twelve o'clock would be.  The stripe wasn't sharp enough, and when I added rows at the bottom, and at the top of it, it looked horrifying.  Like a little blob of blood had gotten on the cream colored fabric I had crocheted. Not appealing to me in any way.

But!  We had recently been to the beach, and had brought home a bucket of shells.  Maybe one of them would be the right size to cover my red blob and be the focal point of my clock.  I have a sea-themed bathroom, it would go perfectly in there!

I hung it up, using one of those little command strip hooks, but about two hours later, I heard a crash.  It was just too heavy for the hook and it jumped off the wall to its death. With the shells, the cover was just too heavy.  Maybe I should have used a nail... Anyway, it was too much work for it to only have lasted two hours, so no more crochet clock covers for me.

I hope that your next crochet adventure is a good one, Crochet Dynamos!

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