Monday, May 21, 2012

Pattern Testing

Happy Monday Dynamos!

This weekend I tested the pattern for my Striped Crossbody Bag, and I am glad that I did.  While I have used patterns my whole life, I've never tested a pattern before.  It was a challenge to do things exactly the way that the instructions were written.  Normally, I use patterns as a general guideline, and I put things together the way it makes sense to my brain, not necessarily the way that the designer had planned.  I was really hard to not rush ahead and sew things out of order, since I knew how the pieces fit together because it was my pattern.  I found 2 very minor mistakes, that I have now corrected.  One was an issue with row counts that were off by 2, and one was clarifying a sewing instruction.  And it gave me something to do while my Dad was projecting the partial eclipse onto a sheet of paper through a pinhole...

I discovered that the bag is the perfect size to hold my Kindle Fire!  I don't like to take it's cover off, so I was really excited that I didn't have to and it still slid right in.

This time I made the bag in black and off-white, and it looks very Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas-y to me.  I love it!  I really only like wearing black and gray anyway, so it will match everything.  Plus, because it's made out of cotton, it's totally washable if I flip an iced-tea on it (pray the Kindle isn't in there when I do!).

I am really happy that I re-made this bag.  I like that I've got it in 2 colors now, and I still think it's just the perfect size for everything I want it for.  I may use up the leftover yarn and make a matching wallet to go with it.  But things are pretty crazy around here, and I have so many other things I want to make...

Have a really great day!!


  1. What kind of yarn do you recommend for this pattern?

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