Monday, June 30, 2014

Crochet Wedding Dress Round-up!

My friend Jaime is getting married soon!  She is on the lookout for the perfect crochet wedding dress (or skirt, if that's all we can find...) because, drum roll please, SHE'S MAKING HER OWN DRESS!!! I know, it's awesome!  So she asked me if I knew of any patterns, so I thought I'd put together a round-up of my favorites!

Okay, so use your imagination and picture this in white.  Completely adorbs, right?!  I love the vintage style. The pattern is only $3.50 usd HERE.


This Chanel Style Dress is a free pattern!  Gorgeous!  You can find it on Ravelry HERE
found via Moogly

Okay, it's a little short.  But so was Priscilla Pressley's dress, and it became iconic.  There's something about this one that I just adore.  You can find the pattern HERE for $11.72 aud.

I love the elbow length sleeves, the flirty ruffled skirt, and the empire waist of this dress.  Imagine it in white, but with a ribbon at the waist (instead of the belt). It also looks a little on the short side, but I imagine that an extra row or two of the ruffles would make it respectably tea-lengthed.  It would be cute for an informal wedding, but it's much too casual for a formal affair. The pattern is $9.50 usd HERE.


I love this dress.  The stitch pattern is pretty, but doesn't look too difficult, or like it would take a long time.  I ADORE the flower corsages on the shoulders.  I think it's so delicate and feminine, and not too vintage-y. You can buy the pattern for $3.20 usd HERE.

I would wear this dress everywhere.  I am completely smitten with it.  I would wear it to weddings, I would get married in it, I would wear it to church or to the theater.  It's such a perfect, all occasion dress.  LOVE IT!  And the pattern is only $1.99 HERE!

I love that this dress is so formal, without having to be floor length.  I think the back is very sexy, which might, or might not, be a good thing at a wedding.  The pattern is only $1.99 usd HERE.

I like the little keyhole feature of the back of this dress.  It's a little less sexy than the backless dress above, but I think it's perfect for a spring wedding.  I also think that this pattern wouldn't take a long time to make, which is a big plus in my book... And the pattern is only $1.99 HERE.

I think that this skirt is really lovely. I think the length is so flattering.  It's certainly fancy enough for a wedding, but it would be so wearable after the wedding too.  Lovely.  The pattern is HERE and it's $6.00 usd.

I think this skirt pattern is also gorgeous, and perfect for a wedding (and for years after as well!).  The pattern is a $5.99 download from KnitPicks.

If you have any favorite crochet dress patterns that you want to share with Jaime, please leave a comment!  I'm sure she'll appreciate all of your great suggestions!

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