My Free Crochet Patterns

Here is a list of my free patterns!  Hope you enjoy them!

April 2012




Updated Crochet Cocktail Ring
Zippered Pencil Case (with No-Sew zipper instructions! A three part tutorial)
Granny-Square Memo Board
Boho Headwrap - Multi-stripe

"Pencil"-Covered Pens
Candy Corn Hand Sanitizer Cover
Jaime's Butterflies
Candy Corn Soap Dispenser Cover
Bathrobe Bottle Cover
Lady Luck Dice Cocktail Ring
Dynamite Beret!
Tardis Bag - Part 1
Tardis Bag - Part 2
Tardis Bag - Part 3
T-shirt Cardigan

Skully Necklace
Fireside Girl Beret (Isabella from Phineas & Ferb)
Lawn Gnome Costume
Mother Goose Hat
#48 Scarf
Pen Cover - Embroidery Floss Version (because the colors are so pretty!)
Bat Pen
Hopscotch Marker - Frankenstein's Monster
Think Pink Lapghan - Part 1 Whimsical Granny Squares
Think Pink Lapghan - Part 2 Striped Plain Blocks
Think Pink Lapghan - Part 3 Embellishing the Plain Blocks
Think Pink Lapghan - Part 4 Putting the Blocks Together
Think Pink Lapghan - Part 5 Final Border

Bun Shaper (better than a Sock Bun!)
Heart Trivet
Gratitude 'Stones'
Butterfly Wings Scarf

Peppermint Soap Dispenser Cover
Quasi-Vintage Holly Decoration
Holiday Gift Bow
Semi-Homemade Gloves
Metal and Thread Charm Bracelets
Princess Leia Headphone Beanie
Super Simple Men's Scarf 

January 2013
Dynamite Cowl
Cotton Mason Jar Covers
Fused Plastic Baby Bib - recycling
Fused Plastic Purse - recycling week
Recycled Crochet Binder Cover - recycling
Recycled Rose Necklace - recycling
Shrinky Plastic Charm Bracelet - recycling
Junior Dynamo Beginner Crochet Necklace - recycling
Capri Sun Camera Case - recycling
How To Make: Plarn! - recycling
The Pool Party Backpack - recycling
Fused Plastic Messenger Bag - recycling
Capri Sun Magazine Bag - recycling

Index (3x5) Card Holder

Mason Jar Mug Cozy

Dynamite Market Bag
Galaxy S3 Phone Cover
Clover Amour Hook Case

Chili Pepper Ristra
Crochet/Felted Soap Cover
Crochet Soap Dish Doily
Old Fashioned Muslin Bags

Blacklight Argyle Scarf
Luxury Washcloth

Scented Star Ornaments
Chick Ornaments
Crazy Simple One-Hour Wrist Warmers
Kid Sized Crazy Simple One-Hour Wrist Warmers
Katy's Teething Rings
Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments

February 2014
Basic Striped Headband
Beaded Hoop Earrings

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  1. Thank you for all the free patterns. As a disabled person I don't get to buy the patterns I want, so thread artists who give patterns are wonderful! I appreciate your talent and your giving spirit. Thanks! ~ Dawn ~

    1. You know, Dawn, I do it because I love free patterns too!!! I think that the more cute free patterns that are out there, the better that our world is. My whole goal with this blogging adventure has been to make my patterns affordable to anyone that wants them... I figure if it's cheaper than a pack of gum (which free always is! lol!) I'm doing good. Thank you so much for your really kind comments!
      xo Jaime

  2. People like you make the internet a better place to live in. Thank you so much. I don't do every free pattern I like (of course) but I enjoy the space of liberty they involve and the spirit of sharing they convey.

    1. Thank you so much, Line! That just made my day!
      xo Jaime

  3. I want to THANKS YOU for your gift of these Awesome free patterns!!! I am disabled & live on a tight ( to say the least ) budget. Your generosity overwhelms me, in a day & age where nothing is free! Again, Thank You ! ;)

  4. P.S. I did Purchase your 1st book & downloaded the 2nd. Keep on Hooking My Friend! <3

    1. TJ, you are just too cute!!! Thank you so much for buying my book. I am very grateful and appreciative for the support!
      I LOVE free patterns! I LOVE new and fun and it's such a delightful thing to get something JUST RIGHT for FREE! This is my way of giving back to the crafting community, especially since it seems like every dollar counts these days.
      I am so glad you commented! YOU keep on Hooking, My Friend!!!
      xo Jaime

  5. oh my goodness so so cute and wow. my special needs daughter loves phineas and ferb. last Christmas i crocheted her 'perry in pet mode'. do you know where i can locate perry in secret agent mode ? i am going to make her a ducky momo !!

  6. Hi dj!
    Thank you so much! My daughter's obsessed with Ducky Momo, but I haven't worked out the Agent P quite yet. Good idea for a future project! I'll add it to the list!
    xo Jaime

  7. Just finished my second Prim how comfortable it is. Both are in wool as I don't work in anything else. Bought two of your Amazon books last week. Thanks for the great patterns.....

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks so much! Big hugs to you for buying my books! You're awesome!

      Hey, just a head's up -- if you follow me on Facebook or by email you'll get advance notice when my new books come out. I always offer them free on the day of their release, but you won't know when they come out unless you're a Dynamo! :)
      xo Jaime

  8. I just became a dynamo!! So excited to try out your patterns. I just downloaded all four of your books and I am super excited about those. I love that you have free patterns, and have offered your books for free too. I recently found out (in july of 2012) I have kidney disease, and am on dialysis. Since I can't work (because of that and other health issues) I can't buy the patterns that I would like. People like you are AMAZING!!!!! I have started selling my creations, and these will help so much.
    Thank you so much for helping me contribute to my family. Much love

  9. I would love to have the pattern for crochet beaded baby sandals

  10. Work with really pointed scissors or, exceptional but, a software application chef's knife or plastic business cards used vinyl cutter that will portion by means of plastic-type material. Retain edges perhaps simply by pulling the actual chef's knife along the leader or pulling great wrinkles along with chalk that may be easily wiped off of once slice.

  11. My opinion is that you're a Very Creative person. I love your patterns!!! Jan in MN

  12. Too many patterns, too much drooling on my part! LOL!

  13. I don't have a device that can read. Kindle so are your books available for fbreader or e-pub? Would love to read them. Thanks.

  14. you have some really great free patterns, tks so much for sharing them, do you have a free pattern for barefoot sandals ? if so can we print it out ?


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