Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memo Board

While I was pregnant with Mims I got very into quilting.  I really enjoyed the idea of quilting, but there is a personality that quilting is really suited for and I am just not that type.  But, dang I tried really hard to become that type.  Unfortunately, I am just not that exacting and precise, even when I am trying my hardest.  

I ended up making several freeform quilts, which gave me the quilty good times with out the frustration for cutting the fabric in the wrong direction, sewing it with an incorrect seam allowance, and never ironing enough.  I also made a couple of small art quilts.  I hung one in Mims' nursery, and one I hung by the side of my bed.  It had a pocket, and I figured I could slip stuff I wanted to keep close in there.  Heh.  It never worked that well (it was just too small and everything falls out when there is the slightest breeze), so now I just use it as a place to stash needles and pins when I'm working at night in my room.  

It occurred to me that I needed an upgrade.  So, today I'm doing a crochet DIY!

Memo Board
Worsted weight yarn in assorted colors
Size G hook
Yarn needle
An 8"x10" wrapped canvas
Small binder clips (optional)

I crocheted an 10 1/2" granny square out of worsted weight cotton which is large enough to wrap around the canvas.  

I laid the canvas on top of the granny square, and then used a long piece of the green yarn to weave in and out between the final row open spaces.

I pulled it snugly and tied the yarn in a knot.  The loose ends are in the picture, but I just snipped them off.  **If you get canvas board instead of a stretched canvas, you could use the loose ends to make a hanger by stretching them across the back and tying them to the other side.**

This is what it looked like when I first put it up.

I tied on a couple of binder clips using embroidery floss.  Since they're just tied on, I can move them if I need to.  For now, I like them where they are.  Once I actually put it up in my room (the pic was taken in the bathroom, since it has waaay better lighting - Jake works at night so we keep our room in constant blackout status so he can sleep during the day), I took all the straight pins, yarn and sewing needles off the quilt and poked them through the stitches up the side of the board.
(That's my fave family photo from this year!  The photo booth at Ro's wedding rocked!)

I like that this I could change out the colors on this as quickly as I can crochet a granny square.  I like that there's nothing permanent, and if I wanted to paint the canvas I could.  For now, I'm digging it.



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Kaleigh! Thanks! I left you a message over on your crochet blog... ;D
      xo Jaime

  2. Bright idea sure to appeal to many a granny lover. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Salut Line! Je vous remercie beaucoup! Je t'ai laissé un message aussi!
      xo Jaime
      (J'ai utilisé Google Translate pour que je puisse commenter en français ici aussi;! D)

  3. Your brain doesn't sleep when the rest of you does, does it? How do you manage to come up with new ideas all the time?! You're a machine!


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