Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Runway

Hi Dynamos!  I know I usually post every other day, but I was watching the latest episode of Project Runway on Hulu last night and I almost freaked out when I saw what Heidi Klum was wearing.  No, not her dress.  Her ring!

Okay, it's not a crocheted ring, but it was chunky and pearly and looked so similar to the ones I made yesterday that I just needed to share.  I consider this solid evidence that we are on trend, people!

So, go Dynamos, and Make It Work!



  1. I love Project Runway! I haven't tried crocheting with beads so now would be a good time to learn. Thanks for the pattern.

    1. It was so much fun, you know, once I got the beads onto the elastic thread. Getting the beads onto the thread was more like the opposite of fun... But, you know, as Michael Kors said, "Fashion is not for sissies!" LOL!!
      xo Jaime

  2. In the last post I kept hoping for the pattern to the first rings you showed -- the ones that look like Heidi's here. Would the pattern you made for the chunky-bigger beads work for something like this too? b/c as much as I liked the super chunky rings (really cool!) -- I actually liked the first 3 even more -- sooooo pretty!
    ps. and, chiming in here about the last post (b/c I'm too lazy to comment in two separate places today) -- I agree w/ your previous commentators: yes, really neat story (really sweet without being sappy), and YES, you are so amazingly creative!
    (ETF!) (I don't know how to do those heart-thingies you and Piper add to words)

    1. oops, ok, I'm a dope. Disregard my request for the pattern.... I just looked again and saw that you DID share a link to the pattern for those rings. ha! ok, thanks anyway.

    2. I'm sorry it wasn't easy to find the first time through. I make a more obvious link on the page, because if you couldn't find it, I'm certain that loads of other people couldn't either.

      and the hearts are made by a code ♥Piper♥ shared with me. It's 3 parts: & hearts ;

      when you put them together, without the spaces in between, you get ♥!

    3. cool! ♥thanks!♥

  3. You ARE the cutting edge of fashion!!!! You go, girl!


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