Don't Want To Crochet It Yourself? Buy From a Dynamo!

I've had a couple of requests for commissions, and while I would LOVE to have the time to take them, I realized that my passion is in writing and design, not production.  I knew that there were a bunch of lovely, talented crocheting Dynamos out there who would be open to commissions based on my designs.  I love them all, and I'm listing them here for potential buyers in the order they contacted me when I put out the call.  All contact information/links are provided by the crocheters.

I'm hoping that everyone, as a community, can come together and help each other!

Crochet Crafts by Linny:

Jen Fredrick

Meredith Williams:

Connie Bassi

Wendy Davis

Kathy Raybould

Jani Watson


Terry Haendiges


Margaret Colbert

Lori Monk


Stephanie Brodersen

***As a disclaimer, I just want to say that I'm providing the contact information, but that all transactions should take place between buyer and seller.  I'm not charging the makers anything to use my patterns, and I'm also not receiving a percentage of any of the sales.  This is just a space for people who are looking for commissioned items to find makers for the items.  I have not asked for samples from the makers, nor have I verified that their work is the same as mine.  
Please do not enter into any transaction that you are not comfortable with (both parties!).  
We are all trying to follow our passions, and there are actual real people behind the email addresses, so please be respectful to each other.***

xoxo Jaime


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