Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ruffle-Butt Baby!

My mom brought my niece, Bug, over last week because her momma (my sister S!) was super sick with the flu.  Bug is six months old and cute as a button.  She's also teething and drooly which necessitated a wardrobe change.  Luckily, Auntie Jaime had the perfect outfit.

The  Simple Ruffle-Butt Onesie!!  It was a perfect fit!  She agreed to work as a baby model for me, and as payment she got to keep the outfit, plus she got all the snuggles she could stand!

It makes me want to get my Knit-Picker out and make some more for her for Christmas!

(If you've got your own cutie to dress up, the free pattern is HERE)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A New Bag

My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend.  I've been crocheting on a wrap based on THIS wrap, and it's darn near killed me.  I'm, like 8 skeins in, and even though I've only got 2 more to go, I don't want to finish it.  It was fun to begin with, but now it's so boooooooring!!  I made mine in purple, and it's just so PURPLE.  I mean, I dig purple, but it's just so MUCH purple...  I needed a break.

So, I made a bag.  I've been living on Pinterest lately (LOVE IT!  It's online crochet pattern hoarding!) and I saw a pin for THIS photo tute from this cool Finnish site (aren't on Pinterest?  HERE is the link to the site) and I HAD to make one.  Like, right now.  Because I missed COLOR!!!  

It was really fast.  I was able to make mine in one night, but I didn't line it, so I imagine that would have taken longer.  I also made my straps a little different, because I wanted more support (since I didn't line it!) 

It's going to be perfect to carry around my WIP wrap until I get it finished! LOL!  


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