Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Katy's Teething Rings

My niece is almost 8 months old!  I can hardly believe it, this year has gone by so quickly.  Katy-bug is teething right now, and even though none of them have broken through yet the first one is close.

I decided to make her a set of teething rings for Christmas.  I made them out of cotton so they'd feel good on her gums, and her mom could wash them over and over.  I also gave them a nice long cord so that her mom could tie the rings to Katy's stroller, car seat or even wear them as a teething necklace while she's holding Katy. 

Small amount of 100% cotton worsted weight yarn (I used 4 colors, but I don't think I used even an ounce of yarn for the whole project.  I think it would look so nice in just a solid color too!)
Size H hook
Yarn needle

ch 16
R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across (15 st)
R2: ch 1, sc in each st across (15 st)
Fasten off.  Leave a 12" tail.  Fold the link in half lengthwise (like a hot dog) and whipstitch the sides together.  Curl the link into a circle and whipstitch the ends together to finish the circle.  Weave in the ends.

Make 7 more, forming them into a chain by linking them together before whipstitching the ends closed.

Using all 4 colors (or 4 strands of a single color) chain 65. Fasten off.  Trim the tails to 1/2" to make tassels.  Tie the tie through the top loop of the links (you don't have to tie it in a bow, but it looks cute if you do!)



  1. You ARE pure genius! That spool holder is ideal for your rings. I actually have a bunch of rings during a box that i am forever thumbing through . That spool holder would be nice. that might take up some serious land on my dresser, though. i ponder if there area unit smaller ones.
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  2. This will ake great gifts for two babies due to be born, and alreafy born, in my family! Ehat a cute idea. Great gift ornament when real gifts r wrapped! Thank you. So easy, also.

  3. I am a 74 year-old grandmother and about-to-be a first great-grandmother. The crocheted articles for babiesI see featured on the internet gives me pause..Babies, as everyone knows, put EVERYTHING in their mouth, and once this cute item made form yarn (or cloth) has been dropped, it is not as easily cleaned as others made of a different, hard substance. Not only that, but as they get older, they are stronger as teeth begin to show. I am thinking they could be chewing off the yarn, and possibly choke..(yarn balls?). Have you ever had hair in your mouth and try to get it out? Try chewing on yarn yourself. I have and it is not pleasant. Just a thought....

    1. I agree. When I first started reading about it I thought it was a pattern for a decoration. As I read I couldn't believe it. You don't put yarn in a baby's mouth. It's fuzzy and the child doesn't have to have teeth for the fuzz to come off. I've never seen teething rings sold in stores made of yarn or material. The texture is more agreeable to the mouth when made of plastic or rubber.

    2. Cotton yarn isn't fuzzy like wool or acrylic. It can get wet without coming apart. I think this a cute idea for a baby who is just starting to cut teeth.

    3. I agree. Cotton yarn is a natural fiber, NOT a man-made yarn; cotton comes from the cotton plant. While I believe that there's no such thing as "safe" plastic or rubber, I don't judge those who use plastics and rubber, as I certainly have in the past; so to each their own. I think this teether is a great idea for an alternative.

      Think about this: What did mothers use to soothe their teething babies before plastics were invented?

    4. It appears to have a tie - you tie it to the stroller or the baby carrier, then it won't drop. You can throw it in the wash to clean it if you are concerned

    5. I agree that cotton is good for a baby. I'd just make sure it is washed after crocheting in plain water and rinsed well, in case the dye bleeds.

  4. Thank you so much for this pattern! My daughter definitely prefers the fabric teethers from the store over the plasticy ones (which I don't like as much anyways since most of them have holes that water gets in when I wash them), and this is one of her favorites! Plus its so easy just to throw it in the washer to clean it when I do laundry (I don't have a dishwasher so this is a big deal). And I can soak it in water and throw it in the freezer for a few minutes (not long enough to turn to ice) to cool it off for her. This will be my go to bonus gift for people having kids from now on.

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