Saturday, December 21, 2013

Party Animals

Pinterest is MY happiest place on earth.  I know that a ton of people have been doing their own versions of those cute animal necklaces that Anthropologie sells for $38 apiece.  You know, the ones that are made out of the little play animals that you can buy at Michaels?  Mims and I needed a project the other day, so we got ourselves some animals and some funky beads/pom poms/ribbons and trims.  And some E6000 glue!  And we got to work!

 When we started, I thought I was going to give these away as Mims-Made Christmas presents, but she fell in love with all of them.  We decided that they would be very festive on our tree.

Jake's nickname is Bear, so we made him a King Bear to for his car (it's less fancy, but more regal than the others).  I made a hippo in a tutu for myself, and the camel is going to our favorite "What day is it?! IT'S MOVIE DAY!!!!!" buddy.

We turned the zebra into a necklace for Mims.  I love that she made it herself, and that we didn't spend $38 bucks on it.  In fact, I think our grand total cost for this whole project was less than $25.  Being crafty is awesome.


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  1. I love these. I don't go to the store you were talking about so I hadn't seen them. But I think they would make great end of the school gifts for both boys and girls.


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