Monday, December 9, 2013


We have chickens!  About 6 weeks ago we were having some difficulty with our washing machine and the repair guy that came out turned out to be a neighbor.  We got to talking and he suggested that we get some chickens because his are doing really well in this area.  I know, random right?

That same day I got an email saying that the farm at our fairgrounds was offering a class on Raising Chickens in an Urban Environment.  It was free.  I took it as a sign that we were supposed to go.

It didn't sound that hard.  It actually sounded like a lot of fun.  I took a lot of notes, and then read everything I could about chickens online.  Then I bought 3 books on chickens...

...Mims HAD been wanting a pet...

So now we've got 4 chickens in a rubbermaid tub in our kitchen.  They're almost big enough to live outside, but I'm going to give them a few more weeks because it's cold and I don't want to put them out too early.  Mims is happy!  I'm happy!  Jake is maybe less happy, since he's the one that cleans the tub...  I keep telling him it will all be worth it when we have amazing fresh eggs.

Our ladies:
From left to right: Marceline, Little Red, Buffy and Suzy
Marceline is named after Mim's favorite cartoon character, Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time (Our Marceline is a Black Australorp).  Little Red is a Rhode Island Red.  Buffy is a Buff Orpington (and named after MY favorite Vampire Slayer).  And Suzy is actually named Tiramisu-zy but we've shortened it down (she's an Americauna which is the "easter egg" laying breed.  Her eggs will be green or blue or pink!).


Oh!  And than you to everyone who downloaded my books last week.  I ended up giving away over 13,000 books to people in 11 different countries!!  How amazing is that?!  Thanks for spreading the word and the love, Dynamos!!


  1. You have done enough research to raise and care for these cute chickens.
    Hopefully you will have a lot of fun with them.

    Love, Margaret

  2. Just be careful. I started out small and went all the way to 30 before I realized they were taking over. However, I am back to 6 and love listening to them at all hours of the day and NIGHT. Roosters have no sense of timing. Enjoy!

  3. Chicken Diapers. Yes, they are a thing. I have an acquaintance whose wife went to the pet store to buy a parrot and ended up with several Silkies instead; they are house pets and wear chicken diapers. He said that sometimes they have 40 eggs in the fridge at a time.


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