Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scented Star Ornaments

I think the only downside of having an artificial tree is that it doesn't smell like Christmas. My best friend Deb (she prefers that to Mom-in-Law, LOL!) always gets a live tree so in the past I've just been able to go over to her house and get all my pine-y love in.  This year she moved up to Northern California and we miss her so much, especially now because I have no yummy live tree smells to help me celebrate the season.

So when I was in Target the other day I got so excited because I saw the most awesome thing ever.  Pine scented ornaments to hang on your artificial tree!  Brilliant!  And then I saw the price, which was cheaper than a live tree, but not by much.  Not so brilliant.  Disappointed, I put them back.  But happily, by the time I got home I had thought of a way to make my own pine scented ornaments!

Why yes, my little scented star is hanging out next to a chicken!
I grabbed a hook and some yarn and it didn't take long to whip up 3 little star ornaments for my tree.  I used some spruce scented fragrance oil that I had just used in a batch of holiday soap for the scent.  It's pretty awesome!  I didn't realize how much I missed the piney smell until I came home from shopping and the whole house smelled like, well, Christmas-time!

I can't believe how easy and ridiculously cheap these were to make.  I can't imagine ever having another holiday season without them again!

approx 2" across

Small amount of worsted weight yarn (I used cheap acrylic yarn because I was concerned about the fragrance oil staining wool or cotton)
Size H hook
4-8 small cotton balls
Fragrance oil of your choice (I used Bramble Berry's Santa's Spruce FO, but I think peppermint or cinnamon essential oils would also be very nice)
6" Hemp cord (or yarn, embroidery floss, or an ornament hook)

Use my Mini Wishing Star pattern to make a star.  I single crocheted around the two pieces to join them this time, but you can follow the original directions and whipstitch them together if you prefer.  Don't close the star completely.  Leave one point open. Don't weave in any ends or cut your yarn if you're sc-ing the star together...

Begin to stuff your star with 2-3 cotton balls (it won't fill the star, but it will fill in the points and make them nicely puffy)

Put 3 drops of fragrance oil onto a cotton ball and stick it into the center of your star ornament.  Fill in around it with unscented cotton balls. *Don't add too much fragrance/essential oil to your cotton ball.  I know, it's very tempting to want to saturate that thing with holiday cheer, but don't do it!  You'll give yourself a headache.  You can always add more if it doesn't smell enough for your likings, so err on the conservative side...

Finish single crocheting around your star (or whipstitching, if you prefer).  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Attach hemp cord to one of the star points and tie it with an overhand knot (or any other basic knot you know, this isn't fancy, it's function!)

Hang that sucker on your tree and enjoy the holiday cheer!!  I added 3, which was just the right amount of good-smelling-ness for our home.  They've been hanging on our tree for about a week and it's still delightful to come home to the Christmas-ey smell!


Oh, and today (12/7) is the last day of Saint Spoiling's Week!  Last chance to grab your free books! xo!


  1. This is such a great idea!! We have an artificial tree every year (I'm always afraid my cats will go crazy on a real one!), and I soooo miss that yummy pine scent. I was wondering, where would I get the fragrance oil?

  2. Hi Sue! I get my fragrance oils from several online suppliers. I really like and (wsp has much faster shipping times). I also get my essential oils from a local health food store, so you might want to check out what's available in your area too! xo Jaime

  3. Hi Jaime, Thank you for this wonderful simple idea!!!! It's going to make such a difference and add so much ambiance to my Christmas tree!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Two words:
    I will have to see if my local Sprouts has an essential oil like that..... I love the convenience of a "fake" tree, but I MISS the wonderful smell and the nostalgia I feel for my growing-up Christmas tradition of going to get a real tree with my dad every year.....
    (let's see if I can squeeze this craft in between the Christmas gifts I'm working furiously to finish ;) )


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