Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holiday

My Christmas was so much fun. We had a marshmallow fight with THESE marshmallow shooters (they were so easy to put together! I made a dozen in an hour!), and even though Jake chipped a bone in his ankle playing with his nephews a couple of days ago, he was able to shoot from the porch.  Mims came up with several accuracy games for us to play with them, and it wasn't until much later that she admitted it was her strategy to get us to waste all of our ammunition so she would "win". LOL! Diabolical! 

I hope your holiday was just as much fun!

I recently just passed the 3k mark for Facebook followers!  Yay!  I am overjoyed and very grateful for all of the love and support!  I have the best Dynamos in the world, and I love each and every one of you!
Unfortunately, recent changes to Facebook have made it so that my posts only reach a little less than 10% of you lovely followers, so if you want to know about new posts and patterns you have to actually seek out my Facebook page (and honestly, who's going to do that?).  According to THIS article on AdAge, Facebook would like me to pay to "boost" the reach those posts (which is totally their right, and I'm not complaining).  It just doesn't make financial sense to me to pay for advertising when I'm using Facebook as a way to let you know I've posted a new free pattern.
I am still going to use Facebook, I love it and I think it's an amazing way to connect with all of you.  But if you'd like to get notified when I put up a new post, please consider signing up to follow me by email!  It's not spam, I'm not going to market to you, all it does is send my posts directly to your email box.  You'll never miss a post, and it won't cost me a cent!  Win-win, right?!
The box to sign up to follow by email is on the right sidebar!
xo!  Jaime


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