Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Bow Master Class

So my friend Teeni, over at Mad Crochet Lab, is pretty awesome.  She and I were chatting on Facebook yesterday (come join the party, I'm always looking for new friends!  You can Friend me HERE or click on the Like button over on the right side over there...) and she showed me this amazing lariat that she had made that incorporated my Holiday Bow pattern into it.  Well, you know me, I almost freaked out because it was so cool, and demanded that she post about it on her site so everyone else could see too.

So, if you'd like to see it (and get the instructions to make the coolest holiday accessory this season!) you should go over and check it out HERE!!!! It's cool.  I'll wait...

But, wait, there's more.  She's put up a Facebook video showing you a (better and easier) way of making the bow loops.  It will blow your mind.  Seriously.  It's on my timeline right now, so if you want to pop over there to watch it you can.

Or you should be able to access it here:

And while you're there, show Mad Crochet Lab some love and Like her too!  She's funny and clever and a great person to know.  Plus, next time I do a post like this, you'll get to be all, "I saw that 45 minutes ago!"


1 comment:

  1. You are too awesome for words. I'm so glad you allowed me to show you what I did. I sometimes just have big old clumsy fingers and I know some of our fellow crocheters may also have issues with arthritis and such, so when I realized that flipping that top part of the loop over gave me the same results, and with less fumbling (read that as less grace and coordination necessary) from me, that I should let you know. You are most gracious and this little bow of yours still blows me away. Had my mom over today to show her all the lariats I made with it and she was extremely impressed with your bow as well! :) <3


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