Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Habanero Pineapple Jelly

I have a container pepper garden this year.  It's got three different types of hot pepper plants, one for salsa, one for crushed red pepper, and one for melting your face off.  My family likes salsa, and crushed red pepper, but I had no idea what I was going to do with the habanero peppers because no one around here can handle the straight up heat of them.

So, inspired by my friend Charlotte (who you know as the incredibly talented Nyan from Nyan-Pon's Knits and Crochet), I made some Habanero Pineapple Jelly.  She makes it seem so easy, although she uses ghost peppers (aka The Hottest Pepper in the World!) and I used merely rip-yer-face-off-hot habaneros.  Let me tell you, she's a pro, because even though I had the door open and I was wearing glasses and gloves to protect myself, I ended up inhaling fumes that caused me to barf TWICE during the chopping/de-seeding process.  I quite literally pepper sprayed myself.  It was not my favorite thing I've ever done...

But now that I have six little half-pint jars sitting on my counter cooling, I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  I love that I found a use for my ridiculously hot peppers!  And the jelly is amazing!  I had some left over that I put on a burger, and woah mama it's awesome!

The recipe I used is HERE if you've got some habaneros that need to be turned into jelly.


  1. You should try our scorpion pepper hot sauce, it has been a hit. They jelly looks amazing and I am glad you tried it. Be sure to load up on cream cheese and crackers because you won't be able to stop eating it. Canning is so fun.

  2. Hi Jaime, You're a very brave girl!!! But well done with the jelly!!!At least you used your chillies!!!!Have a fab day!!!!


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