Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mama's Mamachee Slippers

EDIT 11/7/13:  Good morning Dynamos!  I edited the pictures for this post about two months ago, but scheduled it to come out yesterday (which was two months in the future for me) because I made our whole family slippers from Mamachee's patterns, but at the time I had posted a lot of them and I was trying to give some space between them so that wasn't the ONLY thing I was talking about.  LOL!   And then, somehow, I completely forgot about it.  

So this morning I got a notice that Amber had made a very sweet, and of course confused, comment (since I hadn't written a single thing about any of the pictures and as a group, they're not telling a complete story) and I realized my mistake.  How horrifying.  So I hopped on as fast as I could and am going to try to make sense out of this post.

I made my self some boots!  I used THIS pattern, the Mamachee Boots by Tara Murray.  They're pretty comfy, but they stretched out.  I don't know if it was that I crochet at a looser gauge than she does, but after wearing them for a few days they stretched out so far that they actually fit my husband (Men's size 16) perfectly.  I am not entirely sure what do do next.  I don't know if washing them will shrink them back up, or if I need to just make a new, skin-tight version for myself that will loosen up with wear.  Frankly, I am disappointed, which is not a review that I would have given two months ago when I finished them, because the pattern was easy to follow and fun to put together.    I am very conflicted over these boots!

I was going to make jute soles (also by Tara Murray) to make my boots indoor/outdoor slippers, but I never actually sewed them on.  They're still sitting in my work bag looking very cool.  But the pattern was as fun to work on as the slipper had been, and it was great to work with a new material.

Ah, I was trying to figure out why I put pictures of these particular soaps on too.  They are my latest disappointment soaps!  LOL!  The top one was a citrus scented soap that was supposed to be a rainbow swirl, but I forgot to add the scent until after I had poured my swirl into the mold.  So I had to pour it back into my mixing bowl and add the fragrance, and completely lost my rainbow. But it really does smell divine.

At the time I made it I was a little disappointed in the lumps on the side of my purple ombre soap, but once I cut it, they weren't as noticeable.  But this soap was the cause of my first real lye burn, thus the angry red picture below.  I don't know how I managed to get lye water under the edge of my glove and (no picture for this) on my cheek.  OMG that hurt.  I don't recommend it. But I've healed and have been much more cautious and haven't gotten burned since.  


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  1. Prachtige slippers. Bij de andere foto's mis ik wat uitleg. Of zijn die alleen voor de insiders bedoeld?

    Groetjes, Margaret


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