Friday, February 14, 2014

Beaded Hoop Earrings!

Happy Valentine's Day, Dynamos!  Will you be mine forever?  No?  Okay, I had to ask. LOL!!!

So this year I wanted to make my mom some earrings for national lovey-dovey day, 'cause I'm sappy that way.  And they turned out so cute and so easy, I ended up making a whole bunch of them.

And I'm posting the pattern as a token of my love for all of you!!!


** a quick note about hoop earrings -- I picked up a giant package of nickel-free hoop earrings from Bead Landing (I got them from my local Michaels).  I expected that there would only be one size of earrings in the package, but there were TWO different sizes.  This pattern is for the GREEN earrings, and is designed to fit the smaller size hoop. You can add more beads and adjust the pattern to fit the larger hoops if you prefer)**

One pair of plain hoop earrings - approximately 1" across
Embroidery floss in your favorite color - approximately 5 yards
Size B crochet hook
12 Size E glass beads - I used TOHO glass seed beads because they're so sparkley!
Tapestry needle (or other yarn needle of appropriate size)
Small jewelry pliers (only necessary if you purchase the bead landing hoop earrings)

To Make The Earrings:
(make 2)
Pull an end loose from your skein of embroidery floss.  Load 6 beads onto the loose end of the floss.  
Pull a loop up around the hoop earring and ch 1. 
R1: (work all single crochet stitches around the hoop) 2 sc, (slide bead up and ch around it, 2 sc) 6 times 
Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

To Finish the Earrings (Bead Landing ONLY!):

So, the Bead Landing hoop earrings need to be adjusted a little before they can be worn.  You need to make a little bend in the straight side (non-eyed?) of the earring so that it won't fall out of your ear while you're wearing them.

Put the straight part (front of the earring) through the eye (back of the earring).

Use a pair of small jewelry pliers to make a 90 degree bend in the wire.

Admire your clever handiwork!  Impressive!


Now, repeat that process on the other earring, dah-ling! 

Once the "flip" is complete, adjust the hoop if it's gotten a little squashed and misshapen in the crocheting/flipping process.  It doesn't have to be perfectly round, but you want it to be close (especially if you're making them for gifts!).

Make an extra pair for yourself!  Wear them with glee because they look so awesome!  Make a bunch for your gift closet (Wouldn't they make amazing birthday gifts, thank you gifts, teacher gifts, and cheer up gifts?  No one could be un-cheered by a cute pair of handmade earrings!)

(Did you love the red earrings in the first picture?  I'll post the pattern for those tomorrow!)

Have a wonderful day, Lovelies!



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