Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quirky Bag Yarn Winners!

Good Morning Dynamos!

Thank you for bearing with me during the FaveCrafts competition!  I appreciate every single one of your votes and kind words!!  Even though it may be a while before we find out who won that competition, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends who have supported me and made me feel so loved.

I had pick two winners for the Quirky Yarn and Bead giveaway!  We had 55 entries!!!  Woot!

The first winner is:
Chris Hay!

and the second winner is:
RC Rabbit!!

Congratulations to the winners!  Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!!

One more thing, Dynamos.  I need your opinion! What inspires you to make a pattern purchase?  Is it the designs, the price, or is it a combination of both?  I'm getting close to finishing up my new purse book, and I was wondering if you would you be more likely to purchase:

 1.) One ebook with 6 purse patterns, plus 6 accessory patterns to match them for $2.99
2.) Three ebooks that each contain 2 purse patterns and 2 accessory patterns for $0.99 each

Bear in mind, YOU won't have to actually buy them, my Dynamos ALWAYS get my books for FREE. :D



  1. For me, it is a combination of both the price and the design. I like unusual designs but can't afford an exhorbant price. What I don't like is when only the cover of a book is shown and you have no clue what patterns are inside. That keeps me from buying the book.

  2. I think maybe the 3 separate ebooks ... that way I could pick and choose the ones I'm interested in. Hate buying a book that has a lot of designs for a bigger price when I'm only interested in 1 or 2. Of course, your stuff is pretty cute so I'd probably love all 6 anyways ... HTH!

  3. First off..THANK YOU!!!! Finding out that I won just totally made my morning! I cannot *begin* to tell you how excited I am to make this bag!

    Second, like dragonswing said, it's a combo of price and design, so it sort of depends which way I'd go. The way my luck runs, I'd like a purse from one book, and an accessory from another, so the book with ALL would be the one I'd most likely buy, especially since the pricing works out the same as if I bought all three of the smaller books. Although, if you could offer BOTH the smaller books and the single collection, that might have some appeal, too... (I'm ever-so-decisive, aren't I? LOL)

  4. I first discovered your work and blog by purchasing your Gifts for Your Besties e-book on for $.99. It was a small enough price that I was willing to risk it. Of course, since then I have bought all the rest of the available books and made the Tardis purse for my daughter (she always gets compliments!) so at this point, I am sure I would prefer one e-book with all the patterns. that way, when I am looking for a pattern, I don't have three more books to go through, just the one. And since I am positive all the patterns will be fantastic, if they were broken into 3 books, I would buy them all anyway! PS... I love the look of the beaded clutch and look forward to getting the pattern!

  5. Since I'm a fan of yours, I would be willing to pay $2.99 and get it all in one book. I think your books are the best crochet books - great pictures, working table of contents, easy to follow instructions, friendly writing. However, I agree with the others in saying that if I did not know your or your blog, I would be more likely to risk the $,99 to try it out.

    In fact, that's how I found your books. I was looking for a good crochet eBook, and decided to try the fancy-schmancy book. The title made me laugh and reminded me of "The Nanny" and I love that show, so I thought "Why not give it a try for $.99?" Then I bought the besties book and made sure I downloaded your other books once they came out. I am soo excited for your new book.

    BTW, Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats to the winners too. Those bon-bons are so cute. For some reason they bring me great joy just looking at those little things. I'm glad you came up with a project for them.

  6. I would be more inclined to purchase all your patterns together for the one price :)

  7. Bigger is better. Feels like you are getting more. Congrats on your contest. Hope we helped


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