Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mini Amigurumi

I'm not an amigurumi person.  I know that so many people are, but I've just never gotten into it.  However, I am VERY into crocheting in miniature, and my seven-year-old is very into tiny dolls, so when I went looking for some tiny projects to occupy some of my time this summer, Mini Amigurumi by Sara Scales seemed like a great fit for stretching my crochet muscles.

It took WAY TOO LONG for me to figure out that all of the instructions were written in British crochet terms, but once I finally read the patterns correctly, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I used embroidery floss and a size B hook and my projects all came out perfectly, adorably small!

Because they're all so small, I was able to work them up pretty quickly, and was able to turn them into some very fun last minute gifts for Mims and some of her friends.  Tiny crochet is a big hit with first graders.

And after a got the feel for amigurumi, I was inspired to try a project on my own.

It's Perry!  We love P&F around here, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me.  He's about the size of a quarter.  Mims wants me to turn him into a necklace for her, which I will probably do, if I don't turn him into a keychain for me! LOL!



  1. I have 'downsized' lots of patterns that I liked in order to create earrings or pendants.... the end results are surprisingly wonderful (altho some had me wondering why I thought it could be done)... crocheting... the final frontier... LOL!

  2. Is there a pattern coming for Perry? I love him!!!!

  3. Supercute Perry!!

  4. I also am not into Amigurumi and use embroidery floss and size B hook.Like the different shades of floss.British terms had me stumped until running across a guide for both.

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