Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Vacation is Over!

Holy Schmowzow, Dynamos!  I don't know how it happened, but I lost control of this summer vacation.  Whole weeks slipped by without my knowledge, lost to daily swim lessons and play dates and one delightful week with the cows and the redwoods in northern California.

This is from our visit to the Muir Woods.  It was so beautiful!

I made twenty-five pounds of soap before the weather got too hot, and I discovered that I passed my one-year soap making anniversary with a grand total of 85 batches (totalling nearly 400 pounds!).

My kid read everything in the house this summer.  I found her in her room like this one day.  It was pretty hilarious.

I did virtually no crocheting over the last 6 weeks.  I know, sad face.  But something about having the kid home full time, and the hot weather, and the beach calling my name EVERY SINGLE DAY (we didn't go every day, more like twice a week, but it still CALLED every day. LOL!) made it so difficult to get anything done that took more than an hour to complete.  I did get out my sewing machine and whipped up some summer fun purses.  My one bit of crochet was making the flower for my denim hobo bag.  Yes, that's a Star Lord pin.  Are you jealous? LOL!  I know, you only get jealous over Groot...

Recycling a pair of jeans that were too big!  Win win!

The handles on this one are a little floppy.  Next time I will use fusible fleece inside and they will be perfect!  It's my favorite! 

This was my one bit of back-to-school crafting.  I used THIS tutorial to make some eco-friendly sandwich and snack baggies.  It was ridiculously simple, and they turned out awesome.  I didn't make the cute curved edge on mine, since I wanted to be able to "seal" them all the way across with velcro, so Mims's baby carrots and mini-crackers wouldn't roll out of the bag. She thinks they're cool, which is pretty good.  I don't know how many more years my handmade stuff is going to be okay at school, but she's in second grade so I figure I'm good for at least this year.  LOL!

How was your summer?  Did you make anything cool?  


  1. Where did you get the MLP fabric?! I know a little girl that would LOVE LOVE LOVE those snack bags! And how much was the inner material, do you remember?

    1. Hi Nicole!
      I got both of my fabrics at Joanns. I bought 1/4 yard of each, but the pul liner fabric was almost twice as wide as the MLP fabric, so I have enough left over to make a 2nd set with a different outer fabric. I just checked my receipt and it looks like the liner fabric is normally $12.99 per yard and the MLP fabric is $ 9.99 per yard. I used a coupon, so my little 1/4 yard pieces cost me a little bit less than $4. I thought it was a great deal since this set would have cost $20 if I had bought it in a store around here.
      xo! Jaime

  2. Are you still doing the charity crochet work?

  3. Great post and that backless dress are looking really awesome. I will bring one for an upcoming function. Using breast stickers makes the work easier as it’s a perfect breast tape. What are your experiences with strapless bras?

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderfully busy and memorable summer filled with family adventures, crafting, and quality time by the beach. Your soap-making journey and creative projects like the eco-friendly baggies are impressive. It's always heartwarming to see a child's love for reading too! Summer may be over, but it sounds like you made the most of it. Here's to more crafting and exciting adventures in the coming seasons!


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