Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crochet Poppies

I have been seeing a lot of beautiful crochet roses rockin' the crochet blog world lately.  I love roses, but it's easy to love roses.  Roses are a symbol of love.  Poppies on the other hand are a symbol of drug addiction and wicked witches... I don't know why, but that makes poppies even more appealing to me.  Not that I identify with either of those groups...
I wanted to make something to put my poppy on, something that would be fun and happy, something worthy of my poppy!  I decided on a makeup bag. (If you'd like the pattern, it's here.)  It's a great size, 9" x 7", so of course, I immediately threw a bunch of crochet supplies inside it, and it's now been folded into my tools.  Ah well, I guess I will have to make another one to hold my makeup... Make that two more, since day and evening need their own bags... LOL!!!

And my soap bottle cover needed a new poppy too!!

They're just so cheerful.  I want to make a few to go on headbands.  And a few more to put on a scarf.  And a few more to decorate a pillow, since 'poppies, poppies, poppies, will make you sleep'.  Ah!  Okay, that's the one!!! The pillow is next on the list.  Send me a link if you make one before I can.  I've got a few projects qued up before I can get to it... I believe in you, Dynamos!!!


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