Friday, January 11, 2013

Crochet Donations!

I don't check my mailbox as often as I should.  This last time I let a week go by between checks.  Holy Schmow there were a lot of packages when I got there!  I am so happy!

Mims wanted to help me open the boxes. I quickly realized why she wanted to help.  I swear, I turned my back for 5 seconds and THIS happened:

LOL!!!  She cracks me up, the little weirdo.

The first box I opened was from Wendy in PA!  It was 6 of the Butterfly Wings scarves!  They are so gorgeous!!!

The second box was from Darlene in WI!  It had so many scarves!

And a couple of cowls!

And the most beautiful blanket!  I swear, every person that has seen it has begged me to 'donate' it to them!!!  (That's Jake on the right, and the very tip of my mom's head on the left!)

She also sent these super cute keychains!  Aren't they adorable?!!!

Kristy is coming by to pick them up tomorrow, so that they can be handed out on Sunday.  It's been below freezing at night (ice on my windshield in the mornings!  Isn't it supposed to be sunny and warm year-round in SoCal?!).  She's been really worried about some of the people that she works with, so I know that all of these will go to people that really need them.   Thank you so much!!!

Nyan had sent Mims a package!  She was so excited that there was something just for her!!

Hedgehogs!  Mims named the big one Teddy, and the little one Charlie.   She hasn't put them down since she got them, except to go to school, and even then it was quite a battle of wills to get her to agree to leave them in the car... :D

I got an unexpected surprise too!  My friend Eliz sent me the most gorgeous pair of  green (my favorite color!) crocheted earrings!  I love them so much!  They're dangley, but super light, so they don't make my ears hurt!  :D

Mims was pretty jealous that I got such pretty earrings, so she begged me to get to wear them.  Mims doesn't have pierced ears, so we improvised!

**I hung them Christmas ornament style over the tops of her ears.  This is NOT a picture of how I fish hooked the earrings through the top cartilage of her ear!  LOL!!!**

Those of you who are my facebook friends (and if you aren't, why not?!  Come friend me!! You can also Like the Crochet Dynamite page too, so you can get fb updates when a new post goes up!) might have seen an announcement that I did a couple of days ago when my dad found out that he was one of the 4th quarter winners for the Illustrators of the Future contest.  I am still so proud of him, it is quite an achievement, and it's a foot in the door to the fantasy and sci-fi illustration world.   
This piece is called "Special Things" (the watermarks are mine... LOL!):
Okay, one last thing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you wonderful Dynamos who have purchased my books.  I am delighted to get to call myself an Amazon Kindle Best Seller now!   Crochet Dynamite: Gifts for your Besties is the Kindle #1 Best Seller in Crochet!

If you have downloaded this (or ANY of my books) and you enjoyed them, please consider adding a review onto Amazon.  Those great reviews really help my reputation, which brings me more exposure, and new fans!  All of that put together means I can put out more free patterns here every month!!! (Like all the free patterns that are going up starting Monday, January 14th for Recycling with Crochet Week!!!  It's going to be epic!)

Thank you so much for your love and support!  Stay toasty and warm this weekend!  Smile at a stranger!  Hug your families!  And know that you are loved!



  1. Wow! Love the earrings...could be the start of something big! Take care. Chelx

  2. YAY! Spreading the LOVE! Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! What beautiful donations, awesome illustration by your dad (congrats! to him, btw), awesomely funky hedgehogs, and great job with the kindle books! Your star is rising AND shining!
    Super happy for you and all the great things you're doing here and the great people you're connected with through all of this.

  3. I'm so glad Mims loves her hedgehogs :) And I am so happy that so many people that need nice warm scarves will be getting them soon. It's a good week.

  4. LOL she is so cute, Like her momma.
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw LOVE the keychains,and the quilt is Georgous

  5. Yay - this post is full of awesomeness on toast (everything's just even a tad better on toast)! Awesome from you, your dad, the donators, Nyan, Kirsty, Jake, Mims, the top of your mom's head even! LOL. I want you to know I still plan on reviewing your most recent book, I have just been straight out crazy busy. But I'll do it as soon as I can. Love, love, love your dad's illustration! :)

  6. Oops, Eliz's earrings are lovely too and I'm glad Mims got to try them on without having to have any impromptu piercings! LOL!

  7. Wow! I think my favorite has to be the hedgehogs, psychedelic cute!

  8. Just RAN to fb to add both I'm back to see what else has been missing from my boring

  9. Just RAN to fb to add both I'm back to see what else has been missing from my boring


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