Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photographing The Bug

I'm such a lucky auntie.  My niece is adorable.  And she sleeps.  A lot.

Mims is such a party girl that even when she was a baby she couldn't go to sleep if there was anyone else in the house.  She wanted to stay up and entertain them.  It was sweet and charming, but it made photographing her very difficult because she didn't want to be put down for even a moment.  

So when my sister brought Katie-bug over yesterday wearing the cutest angel onesie, I knew I wanted to shoot some pictures for the blog... And for myself, because The Bug is a cutie-pie.

I used my Think Pink Lapgan as the background.  I was lucky, she smiled in her sleep just as I snapped the picture.  I'm not going to say she smiled because she was sleeping on such a beautiful and fun blanket, but I can't stop you from thinking it... LOL!!!



  1. Hi There, On a blanket like that!!!Of course it was a smile!!!!The girl already knows beauty when she feels it!!!Very cute photo and baby!!!!

  2. I love, love, love, this picture, a real Angel is in it indeed, so precious. Such a blessing and a gift.

  3. Of course she knows she is on aunities blanket....who wouldn't smile. How adorable she is! Makes you want to just cuddle her!

  4. Take as many pictures as you can- they grow too fast! My nephew just turned 7 months!

  5. :)
    Very good post ! I love your blog :)
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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I accidentally deleted the above (sorry), but wanted to tell you how darling your niece is and I am so very thrilled for you and your family!


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