Friday, September 6, 2013

A quick heads up!

Hey, just a quick heads up that Tara over at Mamachee * Crochet Makes Me Happy has a whole facebook fan thing going on right now.  16 days of contests, giveaways, and freebies.  If you're on facebook anyway, you should go check it out.

* Today's a free-gift-with-purchase! Buy any footwear pattern and she'll send you her jute sole pattern.  Rad!  I got a pattern to make Jake some slippers for his birthday.  I'm super excited because the jute soles will make them good for indoor/outdoor use.  Score!

**I've used her patterns before and she's awesome!  I highly recommend her stuff!!

*** I wasn't paid to say any of that.  Didn't get anything free (except my gift-with-purchase, which I haven't actually gotten yet, but I'm sure it's coming...)

**** I like the asterisks

***** I like my fans too.  Leave a comment if you've got an idea for a good giveaway over here.  I am stumped. I keep thinking another free book day... Love free book days, everyone wins!

Oh, and I've joined the world of Instagram!  I'm crochet_dynamite if you want to follow...

xoxo Jaime

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