Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pom Poms and Murder

Good morning, Beautiful Dynamos!!

The Pinterest app on my phone is probably my most-used app right now.  I seem to go in phases.  Before Pinterest it was The Simpson's: Tapped Out game.  Before that it was Candy Crush Saga.  At least with Pinterest it's making my actual real life better.  LOL!!!

I found a pin linking to Mr. Printable's animal pom poms.  OMG how cute are they? So cute!  Of course Mims and I had to try making some.

I clearly don't have much pom pom trimming and shaping experience, but I thought my little bear turned out pretty cute.   I saw another pin that suggested using handmade pom poms as bookmarks...

LOL!  The little bear head makes a very funky bookmark...

I also tried making a couple of the flower pom poms. They look a little thistle-ey to me.  

Mine also look like they could have come straight out of a '70s craft book. I think they might look better if I was better at trimming them.

Okay, so I've been having a ball making soap, but tried a technique a couple of days that just didn't turn out right.  I was trying to make smooth perfect stripes in the soap, and instead it separated on me, leaking oil for hours.  It was slimy and gross and smelled terrible.  I needed to rebatch it if I wanted to save it.  So I grated it up and dumped it into a crockpot and let it cook for a couple hours before I added some fresh fragrance oil and put it back into its mold.

It had a Strawberry scent.  But I could still smell the weird smell from before underneath the soap too.  The extra funky smell made the soap smell like Strawberry and Foul Deeds...

It didn't help that the soap looked like it was chunks of a murder victim.   It looks so Halloween scary.  I would pass it along to my Halloween Cousin, but it smells too awful.  It's destined for the garbage, but I thought it was just too funny not to share.

On a much happier note, this soap smells like freshly cut grass.

Jake and I agree that it smells more like freshly cut wheatgrass, rather than front lawn, but it still is fun. 

I hope you're day is wonderful, Dynamos!  

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  1. Every played "Cards against Humanity"? One of the answer cards is "chunks of dead prostitute" Your strawberry soap made that come to mind. LOL. I bet your grass soap is amazing, I love the smell of fresh cut grass. Have you done a cucumber soap yet? It has the same kind of lovely scent that both men and woman can enjoy.

  2. Chunks of dead prostitute is exactly what it looks AND smells like! LOL!!!! So gross. I haven't done a cucumber soap yet, but I have a cucumber mint FO that smells amazing. Maybe it will be next!

  3. This made me laugh OUT LOUD! *Snort. I've seen dogs get fed chunks of meat that look just like those soap squares. Too bad they smelled foul. Would've made a great Halloween decoration. Or practical joke for someone's dinner prep. HA! The grass soap looks delightfully like a cake. When's the next crochet project? I need spring-ish gift ideas - small and easily duplicateable (like the lip balm holders!) for 18-25 people. :D

  4. You have to sell it for Halloween as gross soap! Or at least package it up as such and offer a giveaway ;)

    Yummm, green caaaaake.


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