Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Back!

Happy Thanksgiving Back Dynamos!

I'm taking a break today (and watching my fave, You've Got Mail on Netflix), between my first Thanksgiving feast and my second Thanksgiving feast, while Jake and Mimsey are out at what will be their 3rd feast of the day.  Whew!  It's our first year not hosting in FOURTEEN years, and we're excited to be guests at so many welcome homes!

I just noticed that I passed 5K Pinterest followers!  Wahoo!  I'm incredibly thankful for that, and for all of you who read and follow and subscribe and comment.  I'm feeling very loved and grateful for all of your support and care.  So to celebrate, (and to give you something to do while you're waiting in all of those Black Friday sales!) I'm declaring a Saint Spoilings weekend and making all of my books free starting TOMORROW November 28th through Monday, December 1st!

You can get them all HERE, and if you don't have a Kindle, they have FREE software (and apps!) to allow you to read Kindle books on your computer, phone, and tablets!  I use the Kindle software on my phone and tablet and it works GREAT!  So, if you haven't downloaded it, do it now and get your books!  Treat yourself!!!  And tell a friend!

**Make sure that the price for the ebooks is $0.00 or FREE, BEFORE you place your order.  I don't have any control over when Amazon starts the sale, or ends the sale (I just tell them I want to do it!) so please make sure that the books are actually free.  I can't refund your money, they don't allow me to credit anyone back.  So make sure that they're free before you check out!  I wish I didn't have to place this disclaimer, but there have been problems in the past, and I don't want any unhappy Dynamos. **

So have a happy holiday, happy shopping days, and let's get ready for the crocheting-est Christmas yet!  LOL!



  1. Thank you so much. what a nice gift.

  2. Hi there i love your crochet designs. I have been following your tutorials for a while now in fact i have even made some gifts for a couple of my friends as well.

  3. Congrats on going back to school too.

  4. I hope you're having a good year.

  5. As a constant follower, I am so happy to see you progress so well. Thanksgiving is such a happy time for me, going back to visit my family after a long and tough semester. This is one of the highlights of my year, spending my holidays with my family. This year I have decided to leave early because I might get someone to write my dissertation cheap price so I can focus on planning my holidays instead.

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