Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yorganza Ruffles!!

Howdy Dynamos!

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished designing a project for All Free Crochet using Yorganza yarn!   It's called the Frosted Rose Toddler Dress and you can find the pattern HERE! It's for sizes 18-24 months!

Lucky for me I was able to cajole my adorable niece, Katy-bug, into modeling it for me!

I'm such a lucky auntie!!!

I even managed to get a pretty good picture of my mom and sister with the model!  Three generations of cuties!

Mims was my awesome model-wrangler!  She kept Katy laughing and facing the right direction, when they didn't need to sit for a break!

Talking about Mims, this is her Halloween costume this year.  Every year we try to take a picture with my grandma (her great grandma!), so this is Mims, my sister Sandy, my mom, and Katy with my Mema.  Sandy is dressed as French Toast!  Mims and Katy are Elsa and Anna from Frozen.  Really original, I know, but Mims desperately wanted to wear a matching costume with Katy.  The highlight of the whole evening, for Mims, was when they went trick-or-treating and everyone thought she and Katy were sisters.  LOL!  



  1. So Beautiful! that yarn looks so cool! What cuties all around! I love the traditional halloween costume photo -- they are adorable, and that yarn wig came out great! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!

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