Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday School

Mornin' Dynamos!  I'm trying something new today.  I got a suggestion (quite a while back) that it would be nice if I posted links on how to do some of the techniques that I use (Here's a shout out, K!).  I think that's a great idea, because I find cool tips and techniques all the time, but I haven't really had a good way to share them before. Jake suggested that I do 'Sunday School' twice a month, and it just all clicked into place.

Planet June has 2 tutorials that changed my life...
Invisible Decrease (or if you're a LEFTY - woot!  Me too!)
Ultimate Finish for Amigurumi (You don't have to just use this for amigurumi.  It works for closing the end of any sphere/ball/egg shaped object - even if it won't eventually have a face...)

I almost always crochet over my ends instead of weaving them in afterwards.  This is a great tute to show you how...
Crochet Over Your Ends

I also really like this join. One of my friends taught me a similar join with a knot in the center, but I like this better...
Russian Join

And I absolutely adore this post from Fresh Stitches on how to get even stitches...
How To Get An Even Stitch And Gauge

And while I was there I noticed that she had done several posts on working with multiple colors for her Dragon CAL (crochet-a-long).  Even if you're not participating in the CAL, I think that her technique is really clever and worth checking out...
Changing Colors and Stranding Yarn in Crochet Colorwork: part 1
Changing Colors and Stranding Yarn in Crochet Colorwork: part 2

Do you have any cool tricks or helpful tips?  Share them with us in the comments below!


P.S. Now that I've seen it, I want to have a CAL...  Anyone else want to?  What should we do?!  Want to make a bag? I've got a really fun one I'm working on... Or should we do something else?  Maybe in October we can do something to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness month... Hmm... What do you think??  C'mon, Dynamos, what would you like to do?  Add your suggestions in the comments when you add your cool crochet tips!  xo Jaime


  1. I think a bag would be a good CAL item. I haven't completed a crocheted bag yet, and I think if I did a CAL to make a bag it'd help me actually finish one. ;)

    Maybe since it's September now and it's getting closer to fall, you could so some sort of autumn-themed thing.

  2. If you know of any crochet-for-charity type of projects, maybe you'd be interested in coordinating a CAL where the participants send the pieces to you or right to an organizer/organization? Else I'm always looking for CALs to horse around with new stuff. ^^

    Crochet Sunday School rocks! Keep saving those links! June also has a great group of recent series on making color changes and front loop vs. back loop vs. both loops that were really great.

    1. Hi rengawk! Cool! I'll check that series out!
      Good idea to look for a charity to coordinate with. I will start looking into that... If not this first time, then for sure in the future.
      xo Jaime

  3. Crochet tips are so nice to learn8 Thank you for such a great idea!

  4. I think that is an excellent idea and thanks for the tips, I know some of those techniques but not all of them so I will definitely be checking them out. I think you should do some chemo caps CAL with different variations on the same caps, and perhaps some nifty awareness pink bracelets, with and without beads. In my minds eye I am seeing some wider bracelets with openings / pockets in them to hold things, like money or written notes, but they would be discrete pockets as to not be obvious that they were holding anything so they just look like normal bracelets / arm bands, also in awareness pink or other multiple colors. I totally am seeing those in my mind right now, it's way cool. The chemo caps could also have secret compartments in them with notes written inside, and on the notes are affirmations like "Never give up" or "I am with you" so when the wearer feels weak or just needs a positive reminder of hope that they are not alone, they can just reach inside the inner pocket of their cap or bracelet and read it! I was compelled to tell you what I see.

  5. Piper, that is an absolutely brilliant idea! My mind is racing with possibilities. I love (LOVE!!!!) it. I would have loved something like that when I was sick. Okay, that's what we're doing for October!
    xo Jaime

  6. Bless your overflowing heart for the links, especially the one for finishing amiguri-like bits. I use scrap yarn to make little balls for my friends with kitties, but I've never liked how I finished them. (The kitties didn't seem to mind. Or they were too polite to mention it.) Now I can rise up to feline perfection!


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